Developing tomorrow’s soccer stars


Developing tomorrow’s soccer stars

The PDB Way has made it to Portugal.

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with an established organization in the central region of Portugal, whose core objective is to recruit, develop, and transfer players and coaches to the elite levels of European football. With our shared motto of providing Players with Better Soccer, we aim to create added value for our academy members, affiliates, and sponsors through this partnership.

This organization has an extensive recruiting network spanning across the Americas and Europe, attracting players aged between 17 and 20 who seek to experience the day-to-day life of a professional footballer. The organization’s focus is on providing a proper learning environment for players through a training methodology implemented by a talented coaching staff.

Moreover, the mentorship program offered by this organization provides aspiring coaches with an opportunity to learn and grow in European football. Coaches can take part in the same experience as the players by entering this program, which offers a customized approach for each coach to study and apply the training methodology with an actual team under the mentor’s supervision. This program equips coaches with the skills to periodize training schedules, create training sessions, develop their tactical principles, and apply them in training sessions. They will also learn to analyze football actions using video.

If you feel that you have the potential as a player or coach and are interested in learning how this organization can help you achieve the next level in your career, please fill out the application and one of our team members will contact you.

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“A Dragon Force is an innovative project that, under the motto ‘You have the power of the Dragon’, breaks new ground in sports training.”

Three Unique Ways Players Benefit From PDB Soccer Academy’s International Programs

PDB Soccer Academy continues their mission of changing players’ lives with once-in-a-lifetime international soccer programs. We’ve asked coaches, players, and even parents what changes they noticed immediately after their player arrived back home. Here’s what they had to say:

Coaches say players return with a better understanding of how to play as a team. The tactical application of soccer is at a very high level on the European stage. Portugal is a great country to develop as a player because of its ‘Futebol Culture’. The bonding that takes place during an international experience encourages teammate culture, allowing better communication (Tactics) and understanding of one another both on and off of the field.

Players say they come back with newfound inspiration and motivation. Our training sessions are holistic and challenges player’s to improve their thinking. The training is designed to improve player’s tactical awareness, decision making and execution of their decisions in highly competitive environment where players have less space & time to perform actions. 

Parents say their athletes’ confidence improved drastically while overseas. What we’ve found is that when players are faced with high-caliber international competition, they strive to push themselves to new levels. Competing against professional teams gives players an experience upon which they learn to reflect on that experience and thereby increasing their knowledge and level of play. Players learn to train and play the way they train. By the time they come home, they have developed a brand new sense of accomplishment.


Our mission is to create an environment of learning. One where players constantly learn from their coaches as well as their peers.

At some point in time, we will find that the environment we create is not enough. Players will need to move on to further develop their skills; further develop what they earned from training & competitions in their early years.

In Portugal, players grow up in an environment that is energized by culture. A culture of futebol; of learning; of identity; of pride; of belonging.

How do we develop culture in our team or organization?

The answer begins at home. Where we learn to speak a language.  We learn rules; tradition; respect; family gatherings; religion; love; and soccer.

PDB Soccer Academy’s mission is to develop a team culture in the same way we evolve at home. Speaking a soccer language; displaying a soccer behavior on & off the pitch; gathering together for team building and learning; with respect for each other and for the love of the game.

This is the environment we build on and grow from.

This is our mission.  
This is our culture.


I played for PDB Soccer Academy one summer and it completely changed my game. I learned so much from the head trainer, Zef, in such a short amount of time. With his experience and knowledge, and my eagerness to learn, I‘ve improved upon all elements of my game. PDB soccer has led me to where I am today and I can’t thank them enough.

Catherine Nolan

SPG FC Lustenau/Dornbirn